The Journey Begins: Ascending Beyond Vienna

The Journey Begins: Ascending Beyond Vienna
Am Stüdlgrat

Born in Hallein in Salzburg, I lived in the bustling streets of Vienna almost my whole life. I grew up kilometers away from the towering mountains that would later define my life. But even in that urban sprawl, the mountains always felt like home. Why? Thanks to my childhood memories in Carinthia. My grandparents, simple farmers there, introduced me to the serene world of alpine pastures, where cows grazed freely and the air smelled of freedom.

Near the Rattendorfer Alm. The place where my love for the mountains started.

It took three decades of my life to truly answer the mountains' call. At 30, I stood atop Austria's crown jewel, the Großglockner. That exhilarating moment? Pure clarity. I realized that I wasn't just meant to climb mountains, but to live for them.

Taken on my first 4000m peak, the Gran Paradiso.

My feet got itchier. From enrolling in a multipitch climbing course to spending every free moment with rocks beneath my fingertips, I was hooked. Iceland was next—a solo venture on the breathtaking Laugavegur trek. Keep an eye out; I might just spill the details of that Icelandic adventure in a later post.

My first longer trekking experience in Iceland. I've done the Laugavegur with the start in Skogar. 

My passport accumulated stamps as I ventured to Peru, conquering both Nevado Pisco and Chachani. Russia promised the allure of Elbrus, but fate intervened with an ill-timed chicken shashlik. Acclimatized but drained, the summit remained elusive.

Tajikistan's rugged beauty called next, gifting me with the experiences of scaling Zamok and Chimtarga. Pakistan posed a challenge with Spantik; it was a test of will, one where altitude sickness proved a formidable foe.

From Camp 1 on Spantik.

By January 2023, Chile's landscapes beckoned. The successful climbs of Pilli and Llullaillaco became notches in my climbing belt.

This blog? It's more than just stories. It's a testament to my evolution—from a boy in Carinthia to a man with mountaineering in his veins. With each post, you'll journey with me, one ascent at a time. So, strap on your gear, and let’s embark on this adventure together.

On the way to Zuckerhüttl.
Camp 1 on Spantik.
On top of Cerro Pilli in Chile.